About Us


SUDO (UK) is a registered UK charity supporting selected local partners throughout East Africa. The organisation provides capacity and administrative support to trusted partners, in addition to the provision of grants that satisfy the aims and objectives of SUDO (UK), including but not limited to:


SUDO (UK) was formed in 2009 following the illegal closure of the Sudan Social Development Organisation (SUDO) by the Sudanese Government headed by former President Omar Al-Bashir. At the time of its closure, SUDO was the largest independent Sudanese non-governmental organisation with almost 500 staff and volunteers operating out of 13 offices. Following the success of the December 2018 revolution in removing President Omar Al-Bashir from power, the illegal closure of SUDO was overturned. SUDO, with the support of SUDO (UK) continues to rapidly expand its operations in providing humanitarian support and peacebuilding to grassroot communities.

SUDO (UK) remains a separate entity and, since its founding in 2009, has widened its scope to support partners throughout East Africa, including in Tanzania, Uganda and other locations.